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We are pleased to announce that due to the incredible success of The Guernica Academy in 2020 we will be seeking new recruits early 2021.  



The Motivation


Chambers recognises that there are increasing limitations on qualifying as a lawyer.  The increase in costs, lack of public funding and reduced paid internships makes it extremely difficult for graduates to enter the profession. Guernica prides itself on adopting an innovative approach to the practice of law and as a result has decided to launch The Guernica Academy, a new platform aimed at providing practical experience and guidance to graduates of law seeking to enter a highly competitive field of law. 


The motivation behind this development, is to offer an opportunity to a number of prospective Barristers/Solicitors, and in doing so, structure the initiative to be as flexible as possible and thus encourage those from non-traditional backgrounds to apply, seeking to ensure that geography and finance is not a barrier.

The only limitation we impose, is that you are either currently in the last year of your law degree as a minimum, but ideally studying or have completed the LPC/BVC, and that you are based in the United Kingdom.

Guernica 37 is offering a position of research assistant/intern, however, we are conscious of the number of prospective applicants, and therefore the position is for a fixed term so as to ensure that we can offer the position to as many as possible.

Guernica 37 will offer one position, but the successful applicant is free to choose how long that position will last, from a period of 1-3 months.  In so doing, we can ensure that we offer the experience to a wider number of prospective candidates.

The position will be on a part-time basis, and will require a commitment from the applicant of 20-hours per week.

The position will operate on a remote basis, and therefore ‘working from home’, however, there will be daily contact (or more as required) with your supervising Barrister, through email and video call.

The position will be paid on the basis of 20 hours per week, and therefore the successful applicant can continue with any other employment currently ongoing, where such employment allows this.

The Work

Guernica 37 is currently engaged in a number of countries at the forefront of international human rights and accountability, including Kosovo, Gambia, Colombia, Syria, and across the Middle-East.

Further, members have a number of ongoing domestic instructions with a human rights focus.

The successful applicant will be exposed to domestic human rights law, public law challenges, international human rights, accountability, and transitional justice efforts, and undertake work that is essential to the progression of these matters.

The work will entail research, document review, and the preparation of briefing notes amongst other tasks.

The Recruitment Process


All applications will be considered solely on merit. 

Applications for 2021 will open in the New Year with a timetable.  

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