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Actions against the Police and Public Authorities

Members of Guernica 37 Chambers have extensive experience in actions against the police and other public authorities, including Criminal Justice Authorities, the Prison Service, and Government departments, and have brought successful claims on behalf of numerous individuals, including those relating to:

  • Assault and Battery;

  • False Imprisonment/Unlawful Detention;

  • Negligence;

  • Discrimination Claims following a violation of the Equality Act 2010;

  • Data Breaches;

  • Human Rights Act 1998 claims, including but not limited to, Article 2 (the right to life), and Article 3 (prohibition on torture, inhuman and degrading treatment).


Members have significant experience in both Criminal and Civil law leading to a combination of skills and expertise being brought to each case.


Accountability is at the heart of the work undertaken by Guernica, and this extends to individuals both domestically and internationally.  Government institutions are not immune to this fact, and where there is a violation of an individual’s rights, it is essential that such cases are brought.


Where public funding (Legal Aid) is not available, members are willing to discuss instructions on the basis of a Conditional Fee Arrangement (CFA) where appropriate, or privately funded matters.

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