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Almudena Bernabeu, co-founder of Guernica 37, worked on the investigation of the assassination of Victor Jara, a famous Chilean singer, which was one of the innumerable atrocities that took place in the Chile Stadium, just days after the Pinochet’s coup d’état. As a consequence of these investigations, a U.S. court found Pedro Pablo Barrientos Nuñez, the former lieutenant in the Tejas Verdes regiment of the Chilean Army at the time of the coup d’état, guilty of torture and murder of Victor Jara. 

It was maintained that the former lieutenant had participated in the arbitrary detention and torture of Víctor Jara. Our complaint also alleged that Barrientos Núñez was responsible for cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment and extrajudicial killing, as well as crimes against humanity, because the death of Víctor Jara was part of a widespread and systematic attack against intellectuals, political leaders, and Allende supporters that took place in mid-September 1973. 


After nine intense court sessions, on June 27, 2016, the jury found the defendant liable for both the torture and extrajudicial killing of Víctor Jara. Two days later, on June 29, 2016, the district judge ordered the defendant to pay $8 million in compensatory damages and $20 million in punitive damages (plus court costs) to the Jara family. 


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