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Emma Le Mesurier (Senior Fellow) Guernica 37

Emma Le Mesurier joined Guernica 37 in November 2021 to lead our strategic development and impact. Most recently, Emma served as Chief Impact Officer at Mayday Rescue, a non-profit dedicated to civilian protection and community resilience-building in conflict zones. Mayday was best known for its work in training, equipping, and capacity-building the Syrian volunteer rescue organisation known as The White Helmets. 


Emma spent ten years as a practitioner, working in the Middle East. Prior to her role at Mayday, Emma was a British diplomat, with postings in Damascus, Jerusalem, and Istanbul. Emma left the FCO in 2014 to cofound InCoStrat, a strategic communications company, working in Iraq to build popular resilience in Mosul, focused specifically on countering sectarian extremism and disinformation. 


A dual British-Swedish national, Emma has an MSc in Economics and Business Administration from the Stockholm School of Economics. 

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