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Government Advisory Work

Guernica 37 International Justice Chambers is a specialist Barristers’ Chambers experienced in advising and assisting States as they commence a process of structural reform and transformation following periods of political instability, post-conflict, post-authoritarian regimes or prolonged periods of state institutions controlled by systemic and structural corrupt practices.

Guernica37’s range of clientele comes from the political, institutional and economic sectors as key stakeholders in any lasting and sustainable transformation. Our team of expert international lawyers, designs, supports and implements, depending upon the needs of the individual State, a comprehensive, yet realistic, tailored strategy based on a fundamental understanding of the situation, quality, and geopolitical position.


In their work, our members take into consideration each and every aspect and vectors for a feasible and successful process. Our work has involved the following countries: Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Iraq, Kosovo, Libya, Maldives, Mexico, Montenegro, Pakistan, Palestine, Rwanda, Serbia, Spain, Syria, Sri Lanka, and the United Kingdom. 


Our members support States and its clients as they embark on: ​


Provisional and structural institutional reform. 

Committed legal and judicial reforms. 

Security sector reform. 

Economic, social and cultural policies as a new but an essential component of our strategic vision.

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