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Lee-Anne Mulholland
(Board Member)
Guernica 37 Centre

Lee-Anne Mulholland has spent more than fifteen years conducting internal investigations and representing companies and individuals before regulatory agencies across the world.  


She began her career as a Barrister in the United Kingdom, where she successfully handled tens of jury and bench trials, appeared before the UK Supreme Court, and represented family members of individuals who were killed by the British Army during a civil rights march in 1972 before the internationally-chaired Bloody Sunday Inquiry.  


After pursuing her LLM and SJD at Berkeley, Lee-Anne practiced at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati in the bay area.  She eventually made it to Google and is now the Head of Regulatory and Investigations.  She and her team handle high-risk investigations and regulatory inquiries across the world and set the policies and standards for conducting investigations at the company.  


She is also a dedicated provider of pro bono services, litigation cases with NGOs such as Amnesty International, the ACLU, and the Center for Justice and Accountability. Lee-Anne is also a dedicated pro Bono lawyer, working with NGOs such as the ACLU, the center of Justice and accountability, and Amnesty international. She lives in Woodside California with her husband and two children, Faris and Aiobheann, aged 6 and 3.  She loves long warm bubble baths, but never takes them.

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