Peru | Guernica 37

Guernica 37 members ensured the extradition from the USA to Peru of two members of the military - Major Telmo Hurtado Hurtado and Juan Manuel Rivera Rondón - involved in the Accomarca massacre, an emblematic case that materialised the victims’ hopes for justice in the context of the Truth Commission and the Peruvian transition.

Work of Guernica 37 led to the conviction of Alberto Fujimori, who served as President of Peru (1990-2000). This was the longest and costliest legal case in the country’s history and was seen as a landmark case, since it was the first time that an elected Latin American Head of State faced trial in his own country for human rights violations. In 2009, he was sentenced to 25 years of imprisonment.


US-trained Peruvian officers convicted, sentenced for 1985 massacre of villagers


Ex-Military Officer Telmo Hurtado Extradited to Peru where He Will Be Tried for Crimes Against Humanity 


“I governed from hell, not from the Palace”