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Celebrating Our Commitment to the Struggle of Ensuring Equality for Women Around the World

Today, we honour, celebrate and join all women fighting to achieve a more just and equal world. At Guernica, we will continue untiringly supporting their struggle to guarantee and materialise women’s rights, particularly, of those girls and children living in armed conflict and in post-conflict situations. At Guernica, we take pride in having gender-balanced boards and a team mostly comprised by women. This composition has been deliberate and essential to our investigations and litigation given our committed work to support accountability claims by female victims, and our desire to prioritise and further explore gender violence. We maintain a marked gender-based focus in our legal work, raising questions about the different ways violence affected women in the cases we manage in order to design specific justice initiatives. Guernica 37 International Justice Chambers is, as a matter of fact and pride, one of the few English Barrister Chambers to be a champion of diversity and led by a woman —the highly reputed international criminal lawyer, Almudena Bernabeu—; and we are honoured to have Patricia Viseur Sellers —the Special Advisor for Gender for the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court—, as part of Guernica’s Advisory Council. We interviewed her in the last episode of our Guernica Podcast, available here. At a time where women must be given equal rights and opportunities in all parts of life, we at Guernica recognise that much still needs to be done and we seek to lead by example by promoting such leadership. On this day, at The Guernica Group, we want to thank all those women —lawyers, practitioners, victims, and leaders— who accompany and inspire us in our common struggle for justice, devoting their time and efforts to overcome and prevent the enduring consequences of gender discrimination and violence.


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