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Stuart Sender
(Board Member)
Guernica 37 Centre

Stuart is an Academy Award nominee whose credits include two films nominated for best documentary: PRISONER OF PARADISE & THE GARDEN.  He's Co-executive Producer of the Netflix music series REMASTERED which is nominated for two Emmys; and he directed a film for the series.

Much of Stuart’s work lives at the intersection of entertainment & popular culture - exploring subjects like apartheid & human rights; love & war & peace; climate change; & the impact of media on society.

Stuart wrote, produced and directed HARMONY, a primetime special for NBC, in a unique collaboration with The Prince of Wales, Prince Charles. HARMONY focuses on sustainable solutions to global climate change. He was also a producer for the Showtime climate series YEARS OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY, which won an Emmy for best nonfiction series. 

Stuart produced the PBS newsmagazine SOUTH AFRICA NOW, winner of an Emmy and a Polk Award for excellence in journalism. A career and life highlight is producing & directing the first exclusive interview with Nelson Mandela following his release from prison. 

Stuart's filmed around the globe - in the huts of Indian peasant farmers & the offices of industry titans; on Hollywood movie sets, at sacred Buddhist ceremonies & Ku Klux Klan cross burnings; and in war & conflict zones in Central America, Africa & the Middle East.

His work in features includes writing the story for THE VOW starring Channing Tatum & Rachel McAdams. Stuart also produces social issue campaigns & music videos featuring performers like Julia Louis Dreyfus, Will Farrell, Fergie & Stevie Wonder which have reached hundreds of millions of viewers and helped register millions of new voters.

Stuart teaches Science, Environment & Technology journalism at USC and Investigative Journalism at Chapman University. He speaks and shows his work at film festivals and venues like the UN, Aspen Ideasfest & TEDx.  He has a BA in Politics from the University of California, Santa Cruz and a Master’s in Journalism from Columbia University. Stuart is a certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor.

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