Syria | Guernica 37

Guernica 37 investigated international crimes committed in Syria since March 2011, at the behest of victims’ families, in order to achieve accountability and promote a process of transitional justice, after the end of hostilities.

On 31 January 2017, and as result of these investigations, Guernica 37 filed a complaint before the Spanish National Court against members of Syrian security forces and military intelligence on the basis of their alleged responsibility for the commission of a crime of State terrorism. The complainant - the sister of a Syrian citizen arbitrarily detained, tortured and executed in a detention centre in Damascus - is a victim of Spanish nationality.


Members of Guernica 37 provided assistance to the legal team bringing the civil lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia against the government of Syria for the murder of journalist Marie Colvin as a war crime.


Members of Guernica 37 have previously coordinated a transitional justice programme in Syria which included detailed needs assessments, institution-building for documenting war crimes, and the training of legal professionals.


Guernica 37 also led a Foreign and Commonwealth Office investigative mission to document human rights abuses in Syria.


Moreover, Guernica 37 briefed the UN Security Council on international crimes committed by the Assad’s regime and on a potential referral to the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court. Chambers also represented six Syrian-American plaintiffs in the United States Federal Court in the District of Colombia seeking reparations under the Aliens Torts Claims Act and the Foreign Services Immunities Act.


We are currently representing victims and leading an international investigation into the Caesar evidence—compiled by a Syrian defector who documented the mass starvation, torture and execution of several thousand civilian detainees in the wide network of Syrian detention centres—and into widespread sexual slavery and violence against the Yazidi people as a constituent act of genocide.


Part of the legal team advising on the Syrian ‘Caesar’ evidence;


Criminal complaint against Syrian Government filed in Spain


Rebuilding Syria risks ‘complicity in war crimes and crimes against humanity