United Nations | Guernica 37

Members of Chambers, have significant experience in representing individuals, groups, and state parties before the various mechanisms and organs of the United Nations.

With an ever more unstable world, State parties are being expected, with some frequency, to respond to UN Commissions of Inquiry in both current, and post-conflict scenarios.  Members of Chambers have represented a number of Governments and provided strategic assistance with the approach to be taken in general, and the drafting of specific submissions to such Commissions.


Conversely, individuals and civil society groups are now more aware of the various organs of the United Nations and the Human Rights Council as a means by which to enforce, or seek to enforce their human rights domestically through multi-national treaties such as the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR)


The procedure is complex, however, is one that Guernica Members have successful navigated in respect of a significant number of individuals who have sought to bring their case to the attention of the United Nations, and its Special Rapporteurs.


Guernica 37’s members have made submissions in respect of the UN Commission of Inquiry following Operations Protective Edge, and the UN Inquiry into Sri Lanka.


Further, Guernica 37 have assisted, submitted and responded to submissions concerning situations in Palestine, Bangladesh, Egypt, Djibouti, Ethiopia Ukraine, Maldives, and Panama to name but a few.