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Yogeswaran Veeresan SJ
(Advisory Council Member)
Guernica 37

Father Yogeswaran Veeresan is the Director of the Sri Lankan organization Center for Promotion & Protection of Human Rights(CPPHR) since 2006.

An outstanding Attorney-at-Law & Commissioner for Oaths in Sri Lanka, Father Yoges has litigation experience before Sri Lankan courts. Moreover, he holds two university degrees in Philosophy and Theology, and has extensive knowledge in the field of Human Rights Law, a subject that he has taught and lectured in several universities and training courses.

Father Yoges’ career has focused on institutional administration and advocacy activities for policy change. He is an esteemed human rights defender and a distinguished member of Sri Lankan civil society, who has engaged in constant work and dialogue with United Nations institutions in the context of the Sri Lankan conflict and post-conflict.


During the last years, Father Yoges has specialised in transitional justice, and developed valuable experience in the protection and promotion of human rights, truth, justice, reparations, and non-recurrence in transitional contexts. At present, he is working alongside victims of international crimes committed during the Sri Lankan civil conflict to initiate criminal investigations in an effort to uncover the truth, locate the whereabouts of those who disappeared during the war, and help victims realize their aspirations of justice.

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