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The Guernica Centre works with victims
and their communities to secure accountability for international crimes
and human rights violations.

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early 2022.


The Guernica Centre  |  Thermatic Issues

Guernica 37 is committed to working with media organisations around the world to ensure that our activities and achievements are accurately reported to wider audiences, as we encourage people to share international criminal law news.


Copies of all of our press releases, podcasts and videos are available to view online within the media centre whilst relevant interviews with key members of staff can be arranged at the discretion of the Group.

Effective Victim Participation
Combatting Corruption
Legigating Across Boarders

We work on long lasting and sustainable strategies that integrates local actors from the Finance, Political and Social Sectors. 

Contributing to atrocity prevention through accountability for past crimes

With your support, we will continue to confront atrocities and demand accountability. Your contribution allows us to represent victims of gross violations and embolden their quest for justice. 


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The Guernica Centre is a not-for-profit organization.  Your donation will be used to support our work and is subject to all rules and benefits applicable to donations given to non-profit organizations. 


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