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Guernica 37 drafted three reports on the history of the Muslim Brotherhood, concerning Egypt’s democratic transition as a result of the Arab Spring and the subsequent human rights violations under Al-Sisi’s regime.


Guernica 37 was instructed by Dr. Mohamed Morsi, former President of Egypt, to file a submission with the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, and other relevant special rapporteurs.


It also presented cases before the African Court of Human and Peoples’ Rights and before the International Criminal Court for human rights violations and international crimes concerning the closure of the Rafah Border crossing during Operation Protective Edge.


ICC must look into Egypt’s role in Gaza atrocities:



Egyptian Coup Leaders to Face Justice in the UK



El Salvador


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In Guantanamo, members of Guernica 37 worked as part of the defence team in the main 9/11 terrorism trial and drafted legal memoranda on the use of evidence obtained through torture under international law, on the application of international humanitarian law in national and international tribunals and on the legality of war crimes charges before the U.S. Military Commissions.


Guernica 37 authored a report on the UK legislation concerning penalties for unauthorised disclosures of information that became part of an amicus curiae coordinated by the Open Society Justice Initiative and was submitted to the U.S. Army Court of Criminal Appeals in PFC Chelsea Manning’s case. Finally, members of Guernica 37 pioneered litigation strategies to challenge cyber-surveillance targeting journalists and human rights defenders.



Amicus Curiae briefings call for the reduction of PFC Chelsea Manning’s sentence



Suing the Surveillance States: The (Cyber) Tort Exception to the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act

Columbia Human Rights Law Review, Vol. 46, No. 3, 2015





Guernica 37 investigated incidents of mass torture and sexual violence against the Ixil Maya community and presented the evidence collected before the Spanish National Court in accordance with the principle of Universal Jurisdiction. These investigations contributed to the conviction of the former Guatemalan dictator Efraín Ríos Montt for his responsibility on the Mayan genocide and other criminal acts of torture, enforced disappearances, state terrorism and crimes against humanity. Ríos Montt was sentenced to 80 years imprisonment in the first judgement that officially acknowledged the Mayan genocide.


Culpable, sí. ¡Y además por Genocidio!:



Spanish Justice

The courts of Spain have already tried human rights violators from Chile and Argentina. Those responsible for torturing, imprisoning and killing 200,000 Mayans during Guatemala's thirty-six-year civil war may be next.



The Guatemalan Genocide Case in Spain



Almudena Bernabéu es una abogada española especialista en procesar a acusados por delitos de lesa humanidad. Formó parte de investigaciones como la que logró prisión para el dictador chileno Augusto Pinochet o la que dio con uno de los culpables de los “vuelos de la muerte” en Argentina





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Guernica37 led an educational and training programme on enforced disappearance and torture in police custody, and on documentation of human rights abuses in Northern Iraq.


In the period before the ISIS started operating in the country, Guernica 37 also trained Iraqi lawyers and judges in the field of criminal investigations, working with groups on how to build cases, primarily against the Iraqi government.


A brave move by the ICC or an exercise in futility?

ICC probe into British 'systemic' abuses marks a watershed in finally dealing with the legacy of Iraq.





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