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Guernica 37 members Ibrahim Olabi and Jack Sproson for the Reckoning Project

Guernica 37 Member Ibrahim Olabi led efforts by The Reckoning Project, an international NGO, to file the first-ever Ukrainian torture complaint in Argentina under the principle of universal jurisdiction. Guernica 37 Member Jack Sproson, acting as Senior Legal Advisor at The Reckoning Project, was also an integral part of the team assisting in filing the complaint.

The complaint is brought on behalf of a man - using the pseudonym ‘Mr M’ - who recounts his subjection to torture by electrocution in detention at the hands of Russian individuals in a town that is occupied by Russian forces.

Ukrainian prosecutors have welcomed the filing as a “historic step” and vowed to do everything in their “capacity to assist the Argentine judiciary in their pursuit of truth and justice." The story was covered exclusively by Reuters, here:


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