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‘Intervention in Request for Advisory Opinion before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights’

On 20 January 2023 the Republic of Argentina requested an Advisory Opinion from the Inter-American Court of Human Rights regarding the existence and scope of a “right to care” and its relationship to other economic, social, cultural and environmental rights.


The Court is faced with intersectional questions pertaining to the rights of care-givers and care-receivers under international law, and the scope of obligations owed to each in respect of healthcare and the right to work and social security, among others. Moreover, the Court, if it accepts jurisdiction, will be expected to consider the right to self-determination under international law, as well as the right to dignity and a dignified life.


Anna Rubbi was instructed in a written intervention by Global Strategic Litigation Council and Cristosal, led by Ali Al Karim of Brick Court Chambers.

Anna also worked alongside Nick Jones of 1 Crown Office Row, Natalie Nguyen of Monckton Chambers, and Honor Brocklebank-Fowler of 4 Stone Buildings. Professor Sandra Fredman (University of Oxford) and Professor Catherine Barnard (University of Cambridge) support the legal team as academic consultants. The written observations filed in the case are available here in Spanish.


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