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Reuters Exclusively Covers Ukrainian Universal Jurisdiction Torture Complaint in Argentina

In an exclusive, Reuters has uncovered the first ever criminal complaint filed in Argentina under the principle of universal jurisdiction regarding alleged torture committed against a Ukrainian national by Russian armed forces in Ukraine.


In the complaint, seen by Reuters, "the man accuses one named person, two identified by their call signs or military insignia, and others who are unnamed of using electrocution and unlawful imprisonment as forms of torture in mid to late 2022."


Yuriy Belousov, head of the war crimes unit in Ukraine's Prosecutor General's Office, is reported as saying that "Today's filing is an important historic step. We will do everything in our capacity to assist the Argentine judiciary in their pursuit of truth and justice."


Image courtesy of The Reckoning Project

Efforts to file the complaint were led by The Reckoning Project: Ukraine Testifies (TRP). 


TRP's efforts were led by Guernica 37 Chambers Member Ibrahim Olabi, with Guernica Member Jack Sproson also acting as part of the team.


Full article on the following link:


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