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Business and corporate strategy is now more global than it has ever been. With the increase in international trade and associated agreements however, international scrutiny has also increased with businesses and their conduct watched evermore closely. 

Just as the United States has made the enforcement of the Foreign and Corrupt Practices Act a priority, so too has the United Kingdom Serious Fraud Office sought to target allegations of corruption following the enactment of the Bribery Act. ​ 


It is essential therefore that businesses are alive to both their domestic and international obligations. Dealing with multi-jurisdictional investigations is now the reality for those companies seeking to conduct business in global market place. ​ 


Consequently, any business must ensure that the relevant provisions of relevant laws and regulations form an integral part of their business development. Thus, businesses need to allow themselves to investigate and take appropriate action ‘in-house’, should there be any irregularities. ​ 


Prevention is better than cure. Guernica 37 members are perfectly placed to assist businesses in designing and implementing appropriate ‘anti-corruption’ programmes with policy enactment, and employee training.

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