Guernica 37 Expertise

Guernica 37 is an innovative International Justice Chambers specializing in transnational litigation involving the enforcement of fundamental human rights protection and international criminal norms in national courts.

Our genuine international structure provides a diverse team of accomplished attorneys from Europe, United Kingdom and United States of America, all with lengthy and proven relevant professional experience building legal accountability strategies around the globe drawn upon direct experience in multiple national jurisdictions and international bodies.


We provide highly technical pro bono and affordable legal services assisting individuals, civil society groups and government institutions to design and implement strategies to investigate abuses to achieve accountability and redress for human rights violations and international crimes.


Our overall work aims to effectively contribute to the success of genuine Transitional Justice efforts transforming societies to achieve lasting justice and legal security. National courts play a decisive role in articulating, interpreting and enforcing international legal norms, especially norms designed to protect individuals and the societies they live in, from human rights violations. There is very limited understanding and expertise that bridges the work of these national courts impacting the success of the national actors.

Now take a closer look at us.

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